The 5 Bedroom Mistakes That Drive Women To Cheat

Wearing socks during sex? Stealing the covers post-coitus? Not-so-sexy dirty talk? These are just a few of the between-the-sheets deal breakers that lead women to cheat on their partners, according to a new survey.

Infidelity dating website Victoria Milan asked over 4,000 of their female members why they cheated, and sixty-eight percent said they were unsatisfied with their sex lives at home.

What are the biggest mistakes the women said men are making in bed?

1. Not being a gentleman. Stealing the covers, keeping socks on while making love or checking smartphones after sex were all listed as huge turn offs, and according to the survey, make women feel like their guy is no longer making an effort.

2. Being narcissistic. The women surveyed said men who are only focused on themselves "leave them cold," according to the press release.

3. Talking dirty -- when it's unwelcome. Women who don't like dirty talk said it makes them feel like their man is more focused on a porn movie fantasy than the present.

4. Not being creative or spontaneous. Failing to try new things in bed was also a big no-no. The women surveyed said the same old position in the same old place is a passion killer.

5. Skipping foreplay. According to Victoria Milan, this was the biggest mistake men make in bed: "It’s a scientific fact that women take longer to be ready for sex--and orgasm. Deal with it!"

Check out the slideshow below for more reasons why women cheat from our readers.

Why Are More Women Cheating?

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