Seven Women Confront The Same Catfish They Each Had An Online 'Relationship' With

Seven young women, some of them students at Brigham Young University, had an online “relationship” with the same person, who they each thought was the man of their dreams.

But in reality, their online love was a woman named Kayla, whom they meet for the first time in the video above.

"Can I ask what triggered this in the first place and why you've done it for so long?" asks one of the women.

"It's for the simple fact that being gay and being Mormon is hard," says Kayla. "Your church tells you, 'We love you, but we don't love who you are' ... I went about figuring out my life the wrong way."

She tells the women whom she deceived — some for years: "I'm sorry that I dragged you guys into my mess. Whether you believe me or not, that's up to you."

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