Women Dance In Movies: A Mashup Of Our Favorite Lady Dancing Scenes (VIDEO)

Love is not all you need, laughter is not necessarily the best medicine, and while money doesn't buy happiness, neither does poverty. But it is a truth universally acknowledged that there is almost no mood a spontaneous dance party can't lift.

Hanna Horvath, the protagonist of "Girls," knows this well. At the end of episode three, she starts getting down to Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own” in her room. What starts out as some seated swaying on her bed turns into a full body dance, and soon her roommate and best friend Marnie is in there rocking out with her. In that moment it doesn’t matter that Hannah just found out her ex-boyfriend is gay or that her new one probably gave her HPV. And watching the episode, it was hard not to dance yourself.

After discussing the scene in detail -- and talking about how happy it made us -- we started thinking about how many on-screen women know the value of a good old-fashioned boogie, even if they don’t look all that graceful while they’re doing it. So we’ve compiled clips of our favorite lady dance scenes from film (minus the heavily choreographed ones) into a mashup we hope will make you want to jump out of your desk chair and start shaking your hips. Bonus points if you convince your co-workers to do the same.

Video produced by Ben Craw.

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