Women, Diversity, and the #BowRevolution

When women stand together, we are strong. It is beautiful to me to see initiatives like this springing up everywhere in response to inequality.

Read how the Bow Revolution is taking place in Hollywood and how you can join it too!

The Bow Revolution, by Bhavani Rao

An ugly spotlight was thrown on Tinsel Town when it comes to playing nice with others. From Patricia Arquette's acceptance speech at the Oscars in 2015 to this year's #OscarsSoWhite situation, the entertainment industry has gotten a bad reputation when it comes to how they treat women and people of diversity.

Quietly, a revolution began in the Indie film world--hiring the best person for every position; they are doing it with an eye to female and diverse hiring. A revolution... with a Bow on top. Attachments (2017), a film by Richard Krevolin, was where the Bow Revolution began. Jessa Zarubica, 1st AD, had given out bows on one of her past productions to all the women as a sign of solidarity. When Jessa handed a bow to Producer Carrie Lynn Certa on the set of Attachments, Carrie saw so much more. To Carrie, it was more than a symbol of female solitary; it was about tying all of us together.

"The bow symbolizes two sides to this problem--women and diversity. Trying to just fix one without fixing the other makes us incomplete. Being raised in Chicago, I was surrounded by amazingly diverse cultures--all of which were beautiful and educational. We in entertainment can mirror the beauty of what America stands for through film and TV--both on screen and in our work place. By bringing us all together in one symbol, we bring awareness to the change we need to see in Hollywood," says Carrie, who is also co-chair of the Producer's Guild Women's Impact Network, as she proudly looks out over the sea of bows on set that she feels reflects America as a country.

This is just the beginning for Carrie's Bow Revolution and she hopes everyone in Hollywood will join the #bowrevolution. Show your support for diversity and women in front and behind the camera in TV, Film, and New Media. Follow the Bow Revolution on Twitter @Bow_Revolution. Join the revolution by posting and tweeting your photos from the sets of your diverse cast or crew.