Women Empowering Women

For centuries, in the face of adversity, women have worked and will continue to work twice as hard to demonstrate their power in this world. Year after year we're making progress in proving that anything men can do, women can do better, but even still, we continue to see criticism everyday. "You're too sensitive"; "You're so cold-hearted"; "You're too quiet"; "You're too outspoken"; "You're too skinny"; "You need to get back to the gym." And some of this is said by our own girlfriends! It's hard enough competing against the double standards, the media and the stereotypes that say we should be demure, fragile and agreeable; women shouldn't have to be fighting for approval from other women as well.

In a world of ruthless determination, women need to be empowering each other, not tearing each other apart.

As I began to build my company of buying, selling and leasing luxury Houston real estate, I started to see my fair share of criticism from other women. Some of my closest friends rolled their eyes at me as I shared my accomplishments. Accomplishments I worked endless days and nights and weekends to reach. They fussed at me for being too busy for girls nights and for not answering every text or phone call. Even now I catch the scoffs as they call me "too famous", or when they condemn me for being even five minutes late to one of my kids' activities.

I'm an attentive, hardworking mom. I'm a loving wife. I'm a supportive employer. I know this, and the friends who thought they could try to make me feel bad for not being perfect are now no longer in my life. From the moment I realized that REAL friends don't hate on your success, and real WOMEN don't need to tear you down to feel better about themselves, the much better off I've been.

Ladies, it has to stop. Stop the disapproval. Stop the eyerolls. Stop the gossip sessions where you talk ill of the bestie who doesn't come around as often. Stop bashing the moms who don't parent their child the way YOU see fit. If not, you may come to find some of your closest friends cutting you off quicker than you can say, "ugh."

Women need to stick together and support one another, working moms and stay-at-home moms alike. Congratulate your friend for that new car she worked hard for. High-five that co-worker who got the promotion, even if it makes her your superior. Be happy for your sister's babies when they reach their first milestones. Being a powerful woman isn't about money you have, your job title or your level of education; it's about how you treat those around you and how gracefully you handle the successes, even when they aren't your own.