More Women On Facebook, Twitter And Pinterest Than Men

On Facebook, It's A Woman's World..

Women are dominating in the digital "battle of the sexes." That's what the numbers say, anyway.

An infographic from marketing firm Digital Flash NY shows women actively using the big three social media networks more than their male counterparts: women make up 64 percent of Facebook users, 58 percent of Twitter users and a whopping 82 percent of Pinterest users.

Even online gaming, a world once dominated by men, has gone through a gender switch up. For example, take Zynga, the social gaming platform responsible for some of the biggest hit games on Facebook: Digital Flash found that "women over the age of 55 spend more time playing online games than males aged 15 to 24 and males 25 to 34 combined."

Men do still lead the way on Google+ and professional networking site LinkedIn. The largest gender gap exists on social news site Reddit, where 84 percent of users are male. But even with this slew of information suggesting that women are making their mark in the digital world, some wonder if women still have less of an influential platform online than men. Natalie Kitroeff at the New York Times fears social media may have a saturated amount of women users, but that males are often considered the "dominant figures" online, possessing more clout in topics like foreign policy and politics. "[U]unless this changes," Kitroeff writes, "new media will not fulfill its potential to become a truly democratic source of news."

Does it surprise you that women and men lean toward specific websites? And do you think men are still considered the "dominant figures" online? Check out the infographic below and then sound off in the comments section!

[Hat tip: Mashable]

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