Women's Halloween Costumes: Creative, Not Slutty Ideas For 2011 (PHOTOS)

16 Not Trashy, Just Brilliant Halloween Costumes For Women

Varsity Cheerleader. Sexy Touch Football Girl. Naughty Sailor. Superstition Vixen. Officer Pat Down. No, these aren’t the credits for a terrible porn film -- they’re the names of Halloween costumes from the women’s section of Ricky’s Costume Superstore.

Each year, as the end of October rolls around, women are faced with the question of what to dress up as for Halloween. Unfortunately, sometimes it seems like our options are limited to “Sexy [insert animal/celebrity/inanimate object here].” (For a great satire of the anything-can-be-made-sexy aesthetic, check out illustrator Jillian Tamaki's “Sexy Smelly Old Gym Sock” and “Sexy Inflammatory Email” drawings on The Hairpin. You won't be sorry.)

And while sexy is definitely not a bad thing, many of the pre-packaged costumes out there are not only uncreative, they’re downright offensive. Who can forget the Anna Rexia costume that Ricky’s was forced to pull from it’s shelves just a few months ago -- because clearly, nothing is sexier than making light of eating disorders? Equally unfortunate was the Sexy Illegal Alien costume that hit -- then was swiftly pulled from -- Target stores in 2009.

So what if you want none of that, but have minimal time to spend dreaming up a clever costume idea? Behold, our round up of non-trashy-just-brilliant Halloween costumes for women. They're the kind you put together yourself -- 'tis the year of DIY, after all -- but fun and quick to make.

Vote on your favorites and tell us what you’re going to dress up as.

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