Women Are Happiest With Their Bodies At This Age?

The Age Women Are Happiest With Their Bodies

Anyone anxious about turning 30 should take heart -- women are most confident about their bodies during that decade.

British skin and body care company Sanctuary Spa surveyed 1,230 women about their body confidence. Forty percent of respondents reported looking at their naked bodies in the mirror every day, compared to 25 percent who do it weekly and 16 percent who claim to have never looked at their naked reflection. Respondents also claimed that they were happiest with their naked bodies at age 34.

According to the Daily Telegraph, many women have figured out what combination of healthy eating and exercise works best for them by age 34 -- which may contribute to their heightened confidence.

Amelia McDonell-Parry of the Frisky, who is turning 34 this autumn, agreed:

I think my naked body satisfaction (which hasn’t even peaked yet!) comes from a combination of A) working out because I want to feel healthy and strong, and B) no longer giving as much of a shit about meeting some impossible standard.

Here's to loving our bodies at every age, whether we're 24, 34 or 84.

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