All Hail The Badass Lady Illustrators Of Instagram


While the majority of us are using social media to upload images of brunch, cats and cats eating brunch, this talented group of women are using the platform to spread their irreverent, adorable, mystical, kitschy, revolutionary and utterly fierce illustrations to the masses.

Ogle them, praise them, follow them. These are the lady illustrators of Instagram.

1. Ambivalently Yours for the creepy/cute feminist mantras

2. Maria-Ines Gul for all your minimalist nudes

3. Hailee Va for a dose of bewitching sisterhood

4. Sarah Rimington for some patterned princesses

5. Jenny Knifefight for no-frills, too-cute creatures

6. Ceci Marez for some glam rock-infused mythical fantasies

7. Ginevra Mandelli for all the hair-centric art you ever needed

7. Kendra for neon-infused cultural commentary

8. Tuesday Bassen for the feminist characters you wish were on Cartoon Network

9. Frida Wannerberger for the simple and elegant femme portraits

10. Josephine Demme for the illustrated daydreams

11. Kate Prior for all your nasty, feminist nutrition

12. Rebekah for some more surreal hair-centric keepsakes

13. Charlotte Molas for the pop culture candy

14. Calliope Bridge-Luna Lapin for a bit of bubblegum illustrations in your life

15. Amber McCall for all your super-nasty girl power



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