The Absurdity Of The Burkini Ban In One Perfect Metaphor

Instead of worrying about women in burqas, maybe we should worry about men in suits.

As the discussion of burkini bans in France crossed the globe, one Londoner questioned why we haven’t banned men in suits.

A man named Henry Stewart wrote a letter to the Guardian following news that France’s burkini ban would be suspended, after photos of armed police in Nice surrounding a woman on the beach telling her to remove her outer garments shocked the world.

But why is a woman in a burqa or bikini or hijab seen as threatening, Stewart wondered, and men in suits are not?

No woman in a burqa (or a hijab or a burkini) has ever done me any harm. But I was sacked (without explanation) by a man in a suit. Men in suits missold me pensions and endowments, costing me thousands of pounds. A man in a suit led us on a disastrous and illegal war. Men in suits led the banks and crashed the world economy. Other men in suits then increased the misery to millions through austerity. If we are to start telling people what to wear, maybe we should ban suits.

Babe posted a picture of the text to Facebook on Wednesday.

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