The Women In Technology Generating The Most Buzz In 2013

8 Women In Tech Generating Buzz This Year

It's no secret that women are underrepresented in the tech world.

In fact, according to Women Who Tech, only 2 percent of open source developers are women, and women earn only 28 percent of B.S. degrees in Computer Science (just 16.5 percent go on to get their PhD). But why in this day and age is there still a professional field that's so dominated by men? One study from the Level Playing Field Institute found that workplaces like tech startups can be "hostile or unpleasant environments for women and people of color, leading to those employees seeking out other companies or even other industries for work."

This stark gender gap is why it's so important to celebrate the women who are not only infiltrating male-dominated tech companies but who are creating their own tech startups -- and, by doing so, proving that technology is not an industry only suited to men. We've rounded up a list of women-led technology startups that have everybody talking this year. We're inspired by what these women have already accomplished and can't wait to see what they've got in store.

Alexandra Chong -- Founder and CEO of Luluvise

The Most Buzzed About Female-Led Tech Startups Of 2013

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