This Is The Kind Of BS That Women In Television Have To Deal With, Part 2

Female TV Journalists Speak Out About Being Scrutinized Over Their Looks

Former CNN anchor Kiran Chetry and PBS' Judy Woodruff spoke out on Sunday's "Reliable Sources" about the way women in television are scrutinized over their appearance.

The discussion came after recent reports that executives at Britain's ITV have criticized host Susanna Reid over her dresses, hair and nodding in an attempt to boost ratings. On Sunday, Chetry seemed to be able to relate to the story as she listed some of the feedback she's received about her looks during her career in television. The former anchor, who previously worked in local news and for Fox News and CNN, said she has been told to:

— buy a wig

— not wear bare arms

— not wear taupe

— dye her hair blond

— wear shorter skirts

— wear longer skirts

— get Botox

Chetry said that she has "laughed" and taken the advice with a grain of salt over the years, while Woodruff added that getting the news out and focusing on the content of stories should be a journalist's first priority.

"I think women have to take a deep breath and think, 'What am I doing here? Am I here to be a reporter, to gather the news, to make sure it gets out and do the best job I can?'" she said. "If that's what you're trying to do, that's what ultimately is going to matter."

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