Dear Misogynistic Women...

Lately, as I scroll through my Facebook news feed during our current Presidential race, I'm seeing more and more ugly, insulting, meant-to-be-funny posts and memes describing our political candidates.

Freedom of speech -- can't beat it!

However, there's something more insidious going on within the female community in regards to politics and social media that alarms me.

By now, all of you reading this should be aware of the Twitter spat between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz regarding the attractiveness of their respective wives. I would assume many of us can agree that using a woman's looks to insult their spouse in the political arena -- or anywhere -- is both infantile and non-productive.

The disturbing point I'm getting to is that many of the posts and "funny" memes floating around the internet about the attractiveness of the candidate's wives are not only being shared by men - but also by women.

This nasty trend has also spilled over to Hillary Clinton. There were at least two unflattering memes in my Facebook feed last week about how unattractive Hillary Clinton is and how it's no surprise Bill Clinton cheated on her. These posts were shared by women and liked by women.

I also have a couple of women acquaintances who are absolutely not voting for Hillary Clinton because she stood by her man while his infidelity was obvious.

This kind of reasoning seems stunted to me.

However, I suppose you could say you're not voting for Donald Trump because he's been married three times and that bothers you on a moral level. But people don't seem to mention that one too much.

So, why are some women subscribing to the blatant persecution of their own kind through the vehicles of physical attractiveness and romantic relationships?

If we were to sit back and judge the male candidates on those same points or even most of the Presidents in American history, there would certainly be a lot of judging going on.

It would be historic to have a woman president, yes. But I don't support voting for Hillary Clinton based solely on the fact that she is a woman. If voters don't think she's qualified or they don't agree with her politics, then obviously they shouldn't vote for her.

But not voting for Hillary Clinton because she stayed married to her husband while he stumbled through a sex scandal or because you don't like the way she looks is bordering on ludicrous.

Last I heard we women were supposed to be empowering one another, not crucifying each other in the name of politics.

If you don't like a candidate or their wife -- okay. But do you really need to like, share, and support the degradation of women based on their sexual attractiveness on social media in order to make your point about how much you don't like them?

I think not.

It's really a shame that so many men and women are utterly distracted by the misogyny and shady agendas that have this nation gripped in a staggeringly hostile election.

Women are a vital and illuminating part of this country and planet. There are so many women out there making strides in every realm imaginable, paving the way for the women being born today.

The way we as women act during this turbulent time in our political history will shape how our daughters and sons view us and even conduct themselves in the generations to come.

There is no doubt that men in politics need to clean up their act on an enormous scale. But women -- everything we have fought for is in danger of being sidelined by bitterness and infighting.

We know better.

Originally a Vancouver Island native, Michelle now resides in California. Besides pursuing her creative passions, Michelle is a mother, stepmother, and wife.

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