Women Are More Tired Than Men -- Here's 7 Possible Reasons Why

7 Reasons You're Probably Tired

It probably doesn't come as a shock, but women are more likely than men to be super tired.

A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey released on April 12th indicated that 15 percent of women compared to 10 percent men reported feeling "very tired or exhausted." And that gap widens when you look at men and women between the ages of 18 and 44 (only 9 percent of men vs. 16 percent of women).

Here are seven (not totally scientific) reasons we think this may be the case:

1. You might be doubling up on the work you do. Although we've made strides toward a more equitable division of labor, women still tend to do more hours of housework and child-rearing than men do. So women who work outside of the house as well essentially have two jobs.

2. You have too many weeknight plans. Women are overwhelmingly guilty of trying to be everything to everyone. We often expend all of our energy trying to meet every social obligation. It's probably time to stop doing that.

3. You're probably chronically stressed out. There's nothing like a stress-filled week to seriously deplete all of your energy.

4. Babies! According to NPR, 25 is still the average age of first birth. This might contribute to the larger exhaustion gap we see between men and women in the 18-44 range. Raising small children is pretty damn exhausting.

5. You can't shut off your thoughts. Women may have a harder time letting go of things that happened during that day when it's time to go to sleep.

6. You might be dealing with greater financial burdens than the dudes around you. Seeing as almost all women in the U.S. are working in jobs which typically pay men more, it wouldn't be surprising if some women feel dead on their feet from trying to make ends meet.

7. If you're depressed, that can impact your sleep. Women are more likely than men to suffer from depression and depressed people are four times as likely to be tired.

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