Women Of All Ages Thank Their Fathers In One Tear-Jerking Video

Grab the tissues.

While our childhoods can be filled with leisurely days spent with dad, you might find yourself having less and less time for your beloved papa as you get older. But you have to realize, your father is getting older too. 

A new short video from filmmakers in India reminds us that if we love our dad, it's important to #TellHimNow. The "Project Papa" film asked women of all ages to share what it is they love about their fathers most and what they wish they had more time to do with their dads. 

"I'm starting to realize how old he's growing and how fast that's happening," said one woman. "I wish I could have been more closer to him," said another.

A few fathers also appear in the video alongside their daughters, sharing anecdotes that demonstrate their special bonds. "She leaves notes for me. I leave notes for her. Even though we live in the same house, it's so nice," one older father said. 

Through the beautiful memories and stories of being dad's favorite or of dads being able to make these women feel pretty, strong and confident -- both fathers and daughters had one regret: They wish they'd spent more time together. 

So whether it's getting a drink, sharing a dance, going on a trip, singing songs or reading a book together, make time now for your dad.

A beautiful reminder.

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