'Women of an Uncertain Age' At Samuel Freeman Gallery

WHO: Michelle Wiener, Hedi Sorger, Maggie Mull, Jennifer Wolf, Cassandra Glessner, featuring Piot Brehmer.
WHAT: Women of an Uncertain Age
WHEN: Friday, July 9 - Saturday, August 14, 2010
WHERE: Samuel Freeman Gallery
2525 Michigan Ave, B7
Santa Monica, CA, 90404

WHY: Five women artists (mostly young, but we won't release details) present new work at Samuel Freeman this summer. Each of the five women deal with differing subjects: Portraits of women in an existential space (Michelle Wiener); Delicate organic-abstractions (Hedi Sorger); A giant ship (Jennifer Wolf); Strange, lightly disturbing portraits (Maggie Mull); and LED Illuminated Cotton-Ball Clouds (Cassandra Glessner) The spread of working methods and subject is all tied up in 'The Gaze.' The expected male-female, critic-artist, collector-curator friction is short-circuited by placing one of Piot Brehmer's small oil on canvas paintings in each installation. Brehmer's habitual subjects are young women, painted from glossy magazines, sieved through his male viewpoint. The 'girls' trace the exhibition through the gallery, offering critique and support to these young artists.