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Halloween Costumes Based On The Iconic Women Of Horror

There's no better time than Halloween to unleash your inner Bride of Frankenstein or Vampira.

We’re suckers for vintage style, so with Halloween around the corner, we figured there’s no better time to look back at some of the horror genre’s most iconic leading ladies.

From the campy Vampira to the alien-fighting Ellen Ripley and, of course, Morticia Addams, these ladies have no doubt left their mark on the world of horror films and TV. And lucky for us, the bulk of their most notable looks are easy to put together with things you probably already have in your closet or at the local department or thrift store.

Some of their ensembles wouldn’t be complete without specific hairdos, like the Bride of Frankenstein’s curly bouffant, so depending on your hair and styling level, a wig might be essential. Add some red lipstick, coffin nails and the right accessories, and you’ll be good to go.

Scroll through to see our favorite spooky ladies and find out how to replicate their looks yourself:

Bettmann via Getty Images
Vampira, the campy 1950s TV personality played by Maila Nurmi, has been dubbed the "dark goddess of horror." Her look was one part Bettie Page, one part Morticia Addams and one part gothic '50s housewife. To recreate her style, you'll need a fitted black dress, some red lipstick, some extra-long red nails and severely arched brows. To finish everything off, wrap a chunky belt around your waist.
What To Wear:
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Bride Of Frankenstein
Hulton Archive via Getty Images
To achieve this spooky look, you'll need a white dress -- caftan styles are best, but you can definitely wear a white maxi dress and add a costume cape -- some gloves, which you can decorate with tissue to mimic wrapped bandages, and a bold red lip. Depending on what type of hair you have, you can top everything off with a wig, or tease your own locks to epic heights. And don't forget the iconic white stripe on either side of the bouffant that truly topped off Elsa Lanchester's memorable look.
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Morticia Addams
ABC Photo Archives via Getty Images
Morticia Addams, as portrayed by Carolyn Jones, is perhaps one of the most elegant spooky ladies we've seen on screen. Her long black tresses paired with her fitted black dress and blood red nails made for a classic look that's easy to DIY. Add some gothic-style rings for a more embellished appearance, and you're good to go.
What To Wear:
Essie, Forever 21, With Chic
Lily Munster
Silver Screen Collection via Getty Images
Lily Munster was the matriarch of TV's fictional Munster family. To get the look made famous by Yvonne De Carlo, you'll need a long pale pink or white dress, preferably with flowy sleeves, and a bold, gothic-inspired pendant necklace. For Munster's hair, get yourself a long black wig with white streaks or, if your hair is already long and dark, get some white hair spray and add them yourself. Add a rope or ribbon belt and bold red lip, and you're set.
What To Wear:
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Agent Ripley
Sunset Boulevard via Getty Images
Agent Ripley, played by Sigourney Weaver, is one of the most badass women in the sci-fi/horror genre. To get her look -- this specific ensemble is from the first film in the "Alien" series -- you'll need coveralls, a white tank top and some sneakers.
What To Wear:
Converse, H&M, Dickies
Melanie Daniels
Sunset Boulevard via Getty Images
Melanie Daniels, the lead character in Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds," was Tippi Hedren's most famous role. The key to her look is the matching dress and jacket set, but as long as you find pieces in similar colors, you can definitely make it work. Just make sure to embellish your outfit with some fake black birds and people will know exactly who you are. (If they don't, tell them to brush up on their film history.)
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Rosemary Woodhouse
Archive Photos via Getty Images
Mia Farrow's most iconic role is hands down Rosemary Woodhouse in "Rosemary's Baby." To get the look, all you really need is a nightgown (preferably light blue). For some extra touches, carry around a toy knife (to ward off the demonic cult members) and a pair of slippers.
What To Wear:
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Carrie White
Sunset Boulevard via Getty Images
The hallmark of Carrie's most recognizable look is definitely her pale pink satin prom dress. Hers was homemade, but you can surely find something similar at a thrift store or department store. Cover yourself in fake blood, and you've got down the look that propelled Sissy Spacek to stardom.
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Wendy Torrance
Warner Bros. via Getty Images
Shelley Duvall's performance as Wendy Torrance in "The Shining" -- especially in the climactic final scenes -- is unforgettable. Her final outfit consisted of an overall dress paired with a turtleneck, flannel shirt and a blue robe.
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