'Women Of LA' Creators DJ Lubel & Jamie Abrams Explain Misogynist Video

'If I Could Be Frank With You, I Am A Misogynist'

It's not every day that misogynists admit they're misogynists.

But that's simply how comedians Jamie Abrams and DJ Lubel explained their horrifyingly/hilariously sexist music video, "Women Of LA," in a conversation with HuffPost Live Friday.

The short film, in which DJ Lubel sings about being too homely and poor to get laid in Los Angeles, was criticized by comedians Erin Gibson (who called it the "Anti-Female Anthem of 2013") and Patton Oswalt, who called it "lame & loathsome" for its message: namely that LA women are drug-addicted, materialistic star-f**kers.

And Abrams and Lubel appreciated the feedback from Gibson and Oswalt -- really!

"So many people have been responding to this video like, 'Oh my god, it's so funny. It's hilarious.' And we're sitting here confused because it was only people like Erin and a few other comedians like Patton Oswalt that were really able to see what this really was," explained Abrams on HuffPost Live.

It was "a hate piece. It was a manifesto," continued Lubel. "If I could be frank with you -- I am a misogynist. I hate my mom. I hate my grandma. I hate his mom. Have you met his mom?"

Very funny, guys. Somehow we're guessing their confessions aren't as genuine as this little nugget of truth Abrams admitted at the beginning of the interview: "I get rejected by [women] constantly."

Lubel and Abrams' music video went live Feb. 13. As of this story's publish time, the video has 824,326 views. Watch it and let us know in the comments below: are Abrams and Lubel crossing the line with this song?

WARNING: Language and video is graphic.

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