Women Of Twitter Share Their Most Infuriating Mansplaining Stories

Men of Twitter can't handle it.

Writer and co-host of Buzzfeed’s podcast “Another Round,” Tracy Clayton, Tweeted on Tuesday morning about a Lyft driver who mansplained to her what an airport terminal was.

The concept of “mansplaining” was first articulated by author Rebecca Solnit in 2008, and women recognized the phenomenon immediately. Because, who among us hasn’t had a man patronizingly explain something that we already understand?

It resonated so deeply that the term was eventually added to Oxford’s online dictionary and even appeared on Jeopardy.

So, when Clayton asked women who follow her to share their “most infuriating” mansplaining stories, the anecdotes started rolling in.

Are you irritated yet? No?

Clayton responded that the stories women were submitting were making her want to “bite her phone in two.”

She also pointed that, in response to the stories, some men on Twitter were trying to mansplain mansplaining.

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