Why GQ's Amy Schumer Cover Is A Little Disappointing

The comic joins a long line of women doing stuff with their mouths for GQ.

This week we saw America’s newest comedy darling, Amy Schumer, gracing the cover of the August comedy issue of GQ magazine in a curious pose.

Clad in the sultry Princess Leia getup that spawned a thousand Halloween costumes for nerds, a dolled-up Schumer sucks on a long, rock-hard finger belonging to the skittish space robot C-3PO. If you’re familiar with her boundary-breaking oeuvre, however, it’s a little surprising -- maybe even disappointing -- to see her embody this barely-dressed-woman-implying-fellatio trope. 

Schumer’s much-loved work in her Comedy Central show has often riffed on expectations of women in the media. She’s even specifically joked about men’s magazines’ predictably carnal undertones -- her "Trainwreck" character writes for a men's magazine spoof. She "knew it would be a fun place to satirize a little," she told GQ in a May 2014 interview. So why the hackneyed pose now?

The magazine could have used another fantastic photo for the cover, preferably with Schumer's own copy. Or this other shot that is such an absurdist take on the magazine's usual tiptoeing around the idea of oral sex that we can't help but give it an eye-rolling grin. 

Then again, maybe this was Schumer's idea of a fun cover? Or maybe it's a dumb-girl joke that doesn't quite hit its mark? In any case, for a woman known for her brilliant lampooning of beauty standards, we would have wanted GQ to let her humor shine through.

Because the magazine does have a weird history of making women do stuff with their mouths on its cover:


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