Women On TV In 2012 Are Getting Increasingly Badass, Proves Flavorwire (VIDEO)

It's been a great year for women on TV. The best written female characters gracing the small screen in 2012 have included politicians, high-powered attorneys, crisis consultants, teachers and double-life-leading Hamptons princesses. Women aren't the side characters or romantic interests in these television shows -- they're carrying each series. Now Flavorwire has created a mashup video that shows pays tribute to what we already know: Women on TV are badass.

Some highlights from the video:
--Leslie Knope's "womanly roar." ("Parks and Recreation")
--Luna's fighting words ... and punches. ("True Blood")
--Peggy and Joan, power duo. ("Mad Men")
--Emily Thorne's aggressive shove. ("Revenge")
--Eileen Rand throwing a drink in her ex-husband's face. ("Smash")
--Olivia Pope walking. ("Scandal")
--Daenerys' rousing speech. ("Game of Thrones")
--Jess Day's defense of polka dots. ("New Girl")

So get ready for fall TV by reliving the good times with your favorite female characters from last season. Is there anyone you think Flavorwire left out? Have to admit, we're a little sad that Shoshanna from "Girls" didn't make the cut.



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