Women Review Ridiculously Sexist Super Bowl Ads

Women Review Ridiculously Sexist Super Bowl Ads

As Super Bowl Sunday approaches, lady viewers should brace themselves for the inevitable onslaught of sexist advertisements and get their eyes ready to roll.

Buzzfeed asked five women who don't normally watch football to watch Super Bowl commercials from years past and guess what the advertisements were selling. The commercials are overtly sexual with each objectifying women in different ways. The products being sold in the advertisements, however, have nothing to do with sex.

The advertisements include a Carl's Jr. commercial that features a naked woman walking around a farmer's market and a Fiat ad that actually turns a sexy woman into a car.

As one woman says in the video, “I feel like I should be more offended than I am but that’s because I’ve become so used to these kinds of ads.” Sad, but very true.

Let's just hope no one finds a way to make the puppy bowl sexist.

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