Why These Women Say Their Sister Is A Fraud And Destroying Their Family

“On the surface, my family looks really put together. We’re all good looking. But the fighting between the sisters is insane,” says Erica, 34.

Her sister, Elvia, 36, adds, “Just like a reality show with all of our chaos, all of our drama, we are like the Mexican Kardashian sisters.”

Both sisters claim that their younger sister, Tiffany’s, behavior has been the most destructive to their family. They say Tiffany has recently been in trouble with the law for vandalizing an ex-boyfriend’s home, and that she goes on dates with men that she barely knows -- and they fear she could be raped or killed.

“Tiffany is on multiple dating sites. She’s not afraid to meet people online,” Elvia says, adding that her sister Tiffany went on a road trip with someone she barely knew. “I have told Tiffany that she is acting like a whore.”

Erica and Elvia say they believe Tiffany’s behavior is “slowly killing their mother.”

“I’ve seen her be verbally and emotionally abusive to my own mother,” says Erica, noting that Tiffany claims to be an advocate for women’s rights and domestic violence. “She isn’t necessarily practicing what she preaches.”

“Tiffany allows herself to be abused by men,” Elvia says. “I don’t support Tiffany in her charity anymore because I don’t think that Tiffany is representing her charity well. I just feel like she’s a fraud.”

Elvia adds, “If Tiffany doesn’t stop her destructive behavior to my mom, I’m terrified that my mom is going to die.”

Tiffany admits that dates a lot of men, but denies that she is abusive toward her mother. She says her sisters’ constant judging makes her feel horrible -- and claims that they have just as many skeletons in their closet.

“My sisters and my mom feel like I’m only good for sex. It’s gotten so bad, my sister, Elvia, has called me a “slut,” says Tiffany. “Every man that comes into my life, my family thinks that I’m automatically sleeping with them.”

But the 27-year-old admits she once slept with a man for money when her car was repossessed and she was desperate for money, and that she has dated a “Sugar Daddy” who lavished her with gifts. “Some guys I would become seriously involved with, and some, I would just use them for sex,” she says. “I like the attention from the men. It definitely fills a void.”

What may be behind Tiffany’s behavior? And can Dr. Phil help these sisters call a truce? Watch more on Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil -- check local listings here.