The Women Of 'SNL' Reveal Their Favorite Characters To Play


Everyone has their favorite "Saturday Night Live" character, but what character was a favorite to play for the ladies of "SNL"? Glamour spoke with a few of the "SNL" actresses to find out.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of "SNL," Glamour magazine had a reunion with 17 female cast members to reminisce on the amazing memories they have from working on the show. Glamour asked some of the women to reflect on their favorite character to play.

Answers ranged from light-hearted to serious. Amy Poehler's was predictably funny: “I liked playing men because it was just more comfortable… the clothes were more comfortable." Molly Shannon said she loved her role as Mary Katherine Gallagher because the character helped her get over her nerves: "I get nervous performing in front of all those people, but you can really use your nervousness in the character. So if my heart was really pounding… I just poured it into the character."

Whether it's Kate McKinnon playing Justin Bieber or Jane Curtin playing Mrs. Loopner, these women always make us laugh. We tip our hats to you, funny ladies of "SNL."

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