Women Splashing Their Faces In Ads Feel More Refreshed Than You Ever Will (VIDEO)


You turn on your sink's faucet, lather on some aromatherapeutic exfoliating face wash, cup some cool water in your hands and ... SPLASH! You're grinning wide, and you've never felt so refreshed in your life. Oh wait -- that didn't happen to you. That happened in every single women's face wash commercial ever.

In reality, if you splashed your face with that much enthusiasm, you'd likely also enthusiastically splash your shirt, your mirror and the majority of your bathroom floor. It would be more wet than refreshing and a pain to clean up.

Oh well, a woman can dream ... or at least laugh at the ridiculousness of actresses splashing themselves in the face with water over and over again, feigning ecstasy each time. Enjoy!

Video produced by Amber Genuske.

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