Women Take A Middle School Sex Ed Quiz, Reveal America Is A Terrible Teacher


A recent BuzzFeed video reminds us that sex education could really use an overhaul

In the video, part of the BuzzFeed "Ladylike" series, women take a middle school-level sex education quiz. Before starting it, the women reflect on the different sex education experiences that they had had -- from "formal abstinence education," to simply watching a video in science class after their parents signed a permission slip. 

The questions in the quiz range from standard anatomical ones -- "Where in the body do the eggs get fertilized by the sperm?" -- to the ones that lean toward encouraging abstinence (which, by the way, does not work). 

Sure, a way to absolutely not get pregnant is to not have sex. But since it's proven that young people are going to have sex anyway and want to learn about what they can do to prevent STDs and pregnancy, perhaps it's time to teach them that.

The women in the video had some quality suggestions about educating young people about sex and sexuality. One woman, for example, hopes that students are also learning about "the emotions that run through having sex with someone to STD knowledge and contraception." Students should also be learning about consent, and the women all agreed that heterosexual penis-in-vagina sex shouldn't be the sole focus. 

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