Women Talk About Penises, Hilarity Ensues

If you didn't pay attention in 7th grade sex ed, clearly you're not alone.

In a new BuzzFeed video six (cisgender) women sat down with a model of the male reproductive system and discussed the mystery that is the penis. Most of the ladies made up for their lack of knowledge with some good-hearted humor.

The women touch on five topics including wet dreams, the prostate, the difference between sperm and semen, and the phenomenon of blue balls. When it came to circumcision, the women were generally more knowledgable. "It's for hygiene purposes as well as to form a covenant with God," comedian Allison Raskin said. Others were not so well-informed: "You cut something off... the dick," another woman said.

So, to summarize what we learned about the penis today: "Sometimes pee comes out of it."



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