Travel Wardrobe Essentials for Women

I have compiled a list of "must-have" wardrobe staples that I think are wardrobe basics that cover the basics and take you anywhere and everywhere.
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"Your slip is showing." OMG! These were words that could mortify me, send me into major embarrassment orbit mode and make me want to hide out on another planet for about 20 years. Boy, how things have changed! Now everything shows and hangs out, and lingerie or underwear has become outerwear. I thought I would share some of my fashion confessions and suggestions with you to help you on your next trip.

First of all, I used to match my stockings to the color legs I wanted to have that day. If I had just returned from vacation to a tropical place, I could match up the color and feel good about it. And, as my tan would fade, I could cheat the color a little and buy tan-looking hosiery. Now, we can get professional spray tans or do it ourselves with the latest self-tanners. (I like Jergens because it has sunscreen in it.) Now I never wear hose unless it's for fashion with patterns and color. For the record, I just bought neon pink!

I seem to remember wearing these same neon color-blocked tights and clothes when I was a child. I'm the same size now as I was then, and as everything comes back in style I should have saved all the fun stuff that was punctuated by Sonny and Cher wearing fur vests. But, they put new spins on clothes, don't they? Plus, they seem to develop new fabrics, such as bamboo, which is really a wonderful breathable and environmentally sound one.

Grab some bamboo tees for your next yoga class. I found a new line of great workout wear made in Hawaii called OmPure at Still and Moving Dance Center, which is also available online. I'm wearing a wild red number to my swim team party that looks like my red Escada jumpsuit that I bought from them and that I can wear to Pilates.

I have compiled a list of "must-have" wardrobe staples that I think are wardrobe basics that cover the basics and take you anywhere and everywhere:

  • A great blazer: They are back in a big way, but this time without shoulder pads. Keep them tasteful -- no giant plaids need apply unless you are getting your Scottish clan plaid!
  • A well-cut suit: They are to be found in every store, at every price point, and can take you everywhere. They can be dressed up or down, depending on what's beneath and the jewelry and shoes.
  • A great white blouse: Just make sure that it flatters you, that you like it and that's it's wrinkle-free.
  • Great jeans/slacks: Wear them for travel or out to dinner. They will go great with your white blouse.
  • Great non-bulky turtleneck: Wear for travelling, staying warm and feeling cozy under your suit jacket, too.
  • Little black dress: It can go everywhere! Keep it covering your cleavage (just my opinion) for maximum wearability. Substitute a sundress here in tropical climates.
  • Gown (optional, but great for cruises), depending on your lifestyle: when you travel, roll it in tissue for no-wrinkle results. People are dressing up less and less, but do buy one when you see it. They are hard to find when you have an occasion and need one! Pick one up when they are on sale.
  • Pumps: A pair that is comfortable and not more than 2 1/2-inches tall for maximum comfort in the workplace. If you go with a bronze or pewter color, you can wear them with everything.
  • Boots: Keep them basic so you won't tire of them, but you can go a little fashion-forward. Don't get stilettos because you still have to walk a lot in this world. Flats are back.
  • Sneakers or walking shoes: Hit a walking store and get some made-for-walking shoes. Go when your feet are tired at the end of the day.
  • Handbags: I suggest bringing a purse and a tote bag. Keep the purse light and the tote bag available. Personally, I like color. Here's a great place to show a splash!
  • Belt: Make it a fun color like gold, because you can get away with a5.00 plastic one and no one will know.
  • Layered chains: These can go day to night and give you lots of sparkle. Look at Chanel and see how they use them. Wrap them around your neck, hips or waist.

Please write me with any questions or concerns. I keep buying variations on a theme, but then I end up having lots of things to give away which I love doing. Dress for Success is a great charity that uses clothes to help women find employment.

Remember that fashion is fun. Save space to buy on your travels. And don't forget your slip.

FYI, I still wear one. Only now it's to sleep in. I refuse to give the slip the slip!

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