What It's Like To Try A Menstrual Cup For The First Time

"How do you relax your vagina muscles?"

Four women traded their usual feminine hygiene products for menstrual cups and had some hilarious but honest commentary.

In a video from BuzzFeed Yellow, women who typically use tampons and pads while on their periods tried a Diva Cup. Though many of them had some initial questions  ("How do you know when to change it out?"), they were all good sports and gave it a fair try. Many of them discovered that it worked well and were surprised that they couldn't feel it. "It's like a phantom in my vagina," one woman said. 

But what was the final verdict after actually using a menstrual cup? While they might not all have mastered it, most of the women admitted it was convenient and developed a new appreciation for it

Way to try something new, ladies.

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