4 Women Hilariously Investigate Push-Up Bras

From fur-covered to gem-encrusted, bras come in all sorts of textures, shapes and sizes.

In a new video, BuzzFeed Yellow had four women try on and react to three different types of push-up bras all pledging different degrees of enhancement.

The women were confused, amused, and freaked out by the bras. "This is like NASA technology that we now use to hold up people’s tits," one woman said about the gel push-up.

While the gel and water bras were funny and entertaining, a certain "Bombshell bra" in particular was the most perplexing. "Where does your boob go?" one woman asked before actually trying it on. "I feel like I’m strapped into a bulletproof vest right now because that’s how thick these things are," another woman joked.

A different participant raised the issue of hooking up while wearing this bra, saying that she would "be so nervous and so self-conscious that my actual boobs were gonna disappoint." But at the end of the video, we're reminded that "If somebody gets to see your boobs they’re gonna be excited. So just take the bra off, live your best life. They’re not gonna be like 'Whoa that was a lot of padding!'"

"Nothing looks so sexy as just being naked," one woman noted. And you don't need a push-up bra for that.



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