Women Voters Will Choose Progress, Not Palin, This Election Cycle

To say I was unmoved by Sarah Palin's much-heralded new "Mama Grizzlies" video is an understatement. I think it's time to get the story of the 2010 elections straight -- and to call out Palin's efforts for what they are: an attempt, in the name of "feminism," to turn back the clock on women's rights and to set American families back.

But I will say something you probably never thought you'd hear: I agree with Sarah Palin on one thing. I agree with her that women -- moms, yes, but grandmothers, too, and daughters -- will decide this election.

In 2008, it was the turnout among women that helped propel President Obama to victory in North Carolina -- along with the historic election of two women statewide, Governor Bev Perdue and Senator Kay Hagan.

In 1994, when 16 million women stayed home from the polls, Democrats lost critical seats -- and gave rise to the anti-woman, anti-family policies of Gingrich, DeLay, and Boehner's Contract With America. No question about it -- women's votes matter.

Where Palin and I see the world differently, though, is the faith and respect for women's judgment that I have. Apparently, she hopes that a sentimental video full of images of herself will be enough to make women rise up and support the team of backwards-looking, radical Republican women running this cycle -- from Michele Bachmann, who called the president an extortionist, to Carly Fiorina, who laid off almost 30,000 workers and says job creation will not be her responsibility as a Senator, to Sharron Angle, who wants adolescent victims of rape and incest to "make lemonade out of lemons."

I think women voters will choose progress, not Palin, this cycle. And I think that women will turn out -- because women know what problems look like, and who problem solvers are. They want the Alex Sinks of the world, taking on BP -- not Michele Bachmann defending BP. They want Mary Jo Kilroy, working hard to complete financial regulatory reform that protects families -- not Carly Fiorina who set families adrift when she outsourced jobs. They want Barbara Boxer, protecting women's rights, not Angle, Susana Martinez, Bachmann and all, who pledge to roll back our rights.

I look forward to a cycle focused on women voters and on issues that matter to them, and I am confident our strong women will prevail.

Stephanie Schriock is the President of EMILY's List