23 Stock Photos That Get EVERYTHING Wrong About Women And Whiskey


Despite countless attempts to destroy the notion that women and whiskey don't mix, it seems that people are still under that very dated, sad impression.

At least, that is, according to an abundance of stock images. Pages and pages of photos exist that feature women drinking while pregnant, drinking while crying and crying some more, proving that when it comes women's relationships with the sweet, lovely brown liquor (and, well, women in general,) there is still a pretty incorrectly skewed perception.

The Internet is, of course, abound with macho men looking cool with their rocks glasses and whiskey stones, a stark contrast from the unflattering way their counterparts are "captured."

Behold, 23 ridiculous stock photos of women drinking whiskey, presented with additional commentary, of course.

Women are the worst, amiright?
Tomaz Levstek via Getty Images
They just can't give up the hard stuff!
Radius Images via Getty Images
Even when they're pregnant!
Paz Ruiz Luque via Getty Images
(Seriously there are a lot of these.)
Radius Images via Getty Images
Women are so sensitive!
CREATISTA via Getty Images
And angry!
CREATISTA via Getty Images
And sad!
maskpro via Getty Images
:( :( :(
targovcom via Getty Images
:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
And they're always finding new ways to drink and drive.
HowardKlaaste via Getty Images
Katja Bone via Getty Images
Juanmonino via Getty Images
And not letting their husbands have any fun!
KatarzynaBialasiewicz via Getty Images
Hey! Who let this drunk lady doctor in here!?
yacobchuk via Getty Images
sakkmesterke via Getty Images
Get off the floor, drunk woman!
Mustafa Arican via Getty Images
Seriously, get up.
Mustafa Arican via Getty Images
"Close your eyes and drink this gross, fruity, blue drink while the men finish their whiskey."
zoomphotographics via Getty Images
Everyone drinks on the toilet, right!?
igorr1 via Getty Images
101dalmatians via Getty Images
Drinking right out of the bottle is so wild!
Image Source/Zero Creatives via Getty Images
OMG stop it you crazy woman!
Vladimir Surkov via Getty Images

And, just to give you an idea of what stock photos of men drinking whiskey look like:

OMG, so sexy!

And fun!

And aristocratic!

We think we've made our point.

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