17 Women Who Don't Care What You Think About Their 'Tiny' Engagement Rings

And they wouldn't trade their smaller rings for anything.

Bigger isn't always better when it comes to engagement rings -- just ask Minnesota wife Rachel Pedersen.

Pedersen's husband gave her the ring when they eloped in 2013 at the Chapel of Love at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. Only the couple's parents and two other guests were in attendance.
Rachel Pedersen
Pedersen's husband gave her the ring when they eloped in 2013 at the Chapel of Love at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. Only the couple's parents and two other guests were in attendance.

This week, Pedersen's Facebook post in defense of her "small" engagement ring went viral. After the digital marketing specialist eloped in 2013, well-meaning friends and family made rude comments about the size of her ring, asking her when she plans to "upgrade it" and suggesting she wear a different one to professional events "so people don't think [she's] not successful."

"Wait a minute. Since when did the size of someone's ring become an indication of success. For me, the ring is SO much more," Pedersen wrote on Facebook.

With more than 189,000 likes, 48,000 shares and 16,000 comments, the post has certainly struck a chord with many women around the world.

The happy couple and their daughters.
Rachel Pedersen
The happy couple and their daughters.

"The response blew me away," Pedersen told The Huffington Post earlier this week. "I was hoping to reach a few hundred people. Now the reach is nearly at 8 million. But the best part is seeing thousands of women adding their own rings as a comment. It's truly beautiful to see that I created a movement that brings truth in a world that is so obsessed with bigger and better."

On Wednesday, we asked HuffPost readers and Facebook users to tell us why they love their rings, no matter the size or price tag. Read their inspiring responses below:

Tracy Whitaker
"No upgrade needed here. This ring belonged to my husband's grandma. Before he proposed he, his brother and his dad all decided I was the woman they wanted it passed on to." -- Tracy Whitaker
Mel Ags
"I have been wearing this ring for 26 years. It's not the value of this ring that matters to me, it's what it represents. A marriage that lasts because of true commitment, loyalty and honor to one man through the struggles of life, learning and growing old together." --Mel Ags
Suzanne Downs Redding
"My beautiful ring was $350 and all we could afford. My husband worked numerous side jobs just to be able to buy me this. He has bought me beautiful jewelry since, including very sparkly rings with lots of diamonds, to replace this one. And although I do wear them, I just cannot bring myself to replace this one! They are all worn on different fingers at different times. But these two never come off. These were bought with his heart. And no ring could replace that! Love my little diamond!" -- Suzanne Downs Redding
Audrey Boyer
"The reason I love this ring isn't about the ring itself, but the proposal. Which to me, was so much more important. He knew I was a nature lover so he took me to the Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Natural Wonders, and told me no matter how beautiful any landscape is, I'll always be his very own wonder." -- Audrey Boyer
Suzette Davila Rogers
"My husband was in the Navy. When we first met he was a welder. We were too broke to get a rock so he made this ring for me at work out of a steel pipe. Three kids later, he did buy me a diamond ring but I returned it. It did not feel right and I still wear this ring with more pride than any diamond ring could ever give me because it was made from love and that is what a true marriage is." -- Suzette Davila Rogers
Richelle Smith
"When Lee and I first got engaged I didn't even have a ring, I was just happy to call him my fiancé. It took me seven months to get this after our official engagement. My ring is a symbol of us, our love, our longevity, our bond, our souls and we don't need a huge diamond to symbolize that. Plus, we like to live within our means and let's be honest -- a $5,000 ring isn't really within our means right now." -- Richelle Smith
Joyce Scott-George
"Some would call mine small too, but we've been together 25 years, have six kids and one granddaughter. That, my friends, is success! I love my ring. It's a simple heart to signify that love need not be complicated to be true." -- Joyce Scott-George
Caitlin Nealon
"My ring is small. It’s smaller than most other rings I’ve seen in my life, but the minute he got on one knee and opened up the box, I wasn’t looking at the size, the color or the gem. I was looking into his vibrant ocean blue eyes as they gazed into mine. They were the same joyful, wildly happy eyes I had gazed into at 18 years old. It was that feeling of warmth, of care, of kindness, safety, security and love that I had felt all those years ago." -- Caitlin Nealon
Leah Kerton
"It doesn't matter how big or small! The ring symbolizes where you're at in your life, your style and love. Nobody should be judging if you have the biggest stone or no stone [at all]! Wear your rings with pride!" -- Leah Kerton
Sunny Palleria Morrell
"My engagement ring was his grandmother's. My wedding band is plain gold...so what? Why do wedding sets need to be lavish and expensive? Just because your ring is beautiful doesn't mean your marriage is." -- Sunny Palleria Morrell
Holly Hill
"I've always said 'no' to the idea of upgrading my sweet wedding ring. After all, what would I do with this one -- the one my husband placed on my finger the day I married him, the one he bought when he was 20, the one that took us years to pay off, the one that reminds me daily how high school sweethearts fell in love over 12 years ago? I'm just fine with my little ring and in no way does the size of it define my success in this world." -- Holly Hill
Rae Mo Hoch
"My ring is small too. My husband and I have been together 16 years, married for 10 years. The size of my ring is not equal to the size of our love." -- Rae Mo Hoch
Bonnie Long
"My husband told me to pick out the ring. He proposed without one while we were sitting on his couch less than a year into our relationship. I said, 'yes!' He took me to stores, and the people tried to get us to get huge ones, but I don't like huge jewelry. I picked the engagement ring out and the lady said, 'That's a promise ring, you don't want that.' I said, 'He's promising his life and love to me. I love the promise ring.' I love it!" -- Bonnie Long
Stephanie Lloyd-Authement
"The ring my husband chose for me 11 years ago. I love it so much. He offered to get me a bigger one and I said 'no'. This is the one you proposed with, this is the one I said 'yes' with, and this is the one I will keep." -- Stephanie Lloyd-Authement
Shelby Czirban Martin
"My ring was in the promise ring section. It cost $250 and even that was too expensive for what we could afford. My fiancé (now husband) sold all his video games to afford it! Ain't that true love! At the time we thought we'd 'upgrade' at some point, but now I'd never want to. It symbolizes all the beautiful things that our relationship means. I love it to death. It's simple. But there's not a more perfect ring out there for me." -- Shelby Czirban Martin
Kristine Bauer Torrice
"Almost 28 years ago, a 17-year-old boy sold his prized comic book collection and stepped into a jewelry store with his neighbor. His neighbor knew the store owner and got this boy a wonderful deal on a ring set for his soon-to-be bride. Yes, it's not a big diamond but I don't care. The size doesn't prove the love. I am in love with this ring as much today as I was back then." -- Kristine Bauer Torrice
Shakira Xavier Osborn
"When I got married I bought my husband the only ring I could afford and I wore an $8 ring from Walmart. A few weeks later my husband was feeling bad that it was starting to turn my finger green, so I bought a $35 opal ring and it is beautiful." -- Shakira Xavier Osborn

**Some responses have been edited/condensed for clarity.

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