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Women Who Light Up the World

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We are women who light up the world ...
with our beauty,
our creativity,
our intelligence
and charm.

Our eyes sparkle
as we talk and laugh among ourselves.
Our smiles radiate warmth and comfort
to those who love us.
Our faces beam happily
when we're engaged in fulfilling work.

We shine,
we illuminate,
we enlighten,
we dazzle.

We glow softly when contented
and burn brightly when passionate.
We are always lighting up the world,
one way or another.

But who's the keeper of the flame?
Who will fill our lamps
in order for us to light up the world?

We must do it for ourselves, dear sisters,
and for each other.
We must fill our own lamps first -- not last.

We must commit to our own well-being and self-care,
lest our oil run low and our flames flicker out.
For a woman whose flame has extinguished
can no longer fulfill her mission in life.

So take some time, sweet sisters,
to rest, recoup, relax, and regroup.
Take time to fill your lamp.

The world needs your flame --
but first, you need your oil.

© 2010 BJ Gallagher
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