How 8 Women Discovered Masturbation -- And What They Wish They Knew

From reading Sex For Dummies to playing around with a vibrating hairbrush, every woman has a unique first-time story. First time masturbating, that is.

In a new video called "Women Share What They Wish They Knew About Masturbation Earlier," BuzzFeed Yellow asked women to discuss all things menage a moi.

Each woman's experience was different -- some of them air out frustrations about the stigma that surrounds women masturbating, raising concerns like: "Why do we talk about guys waving their dicks around and we can’t talk about women doing something that is healthy and normal for themselves?”

Other women talk about what they would've wanted their younger selves to know about masturbation, getting down with some DIY advice for the viewers at home. “Everybody does it and it’s not that big of a deal," one woman said. Another had a similar mindset, saying, "I just want everyone watching this to know it’s 100% normal.” Hear that, ladies? Treat yourself to some me-time today.

Check out the full video above.

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