[Women With Normal Cycles] Make Your Period Work For You, Period.

So that time of the month arrives ladies and we start to dread at the thought of what's ahead for us in the week. I'm guilty of feeling that way too until recently, through much observation, I found that your period can be a great way to digress from everything and give our bodies a chance to fully relax. It's better to go through something taking the good out of it rather than focusing on the bad, thus making the experience even worse than it is. This article here is to motivate you to be stay bad-ass even on your cycle and make it work for you.

So through my own observation, I learned that prior to my cycle and the week of, makes me feel very sleepy. Ha! Being the kind of person who has trouble falling asleep for longer periods in one stretch, this is great! Proper sleep is essential for the body and soul and man do I love staying a little longer than usual in bed during my period, especially on the weekends. I love it because otherwise, I'm always up running on my toes. This gives me a chance for downtime with me, myself, and I .

Next, for majority of the women, we gain weight prior to having our period but tend to lose that and a ton more while on our cycle and that too with little effort because our speeding metabolism during our cycle. Isn't that great?? You know it is girl! Seeing the numbers go down on the scale creates immense happiness, isn't that right ladies?! It sure does for me. Heck, after getting more sleep than I normally would, I get my butt up and exercise so I can reap more of the benefits of the week where my appetite is decreased yet my metabolism is speeding high. Results? More weight loss.

Here is one other good thing about my cycle which most of you would give me a side eye look after reading the next sentence. I break out. I don't break out excessively, no, but I do tend to have a few pimples here and there. Now why in the world would this be great when you have clear skin to begin with? Shouldn't this be the icing on the cake with all the other things which happen to us on our periods?? Well at first I thought just that. Then as I said, it's better to focus on the good of something than the bad. So here is why I don't think it's totally a bad thing. As a person who is fond of make up and wears it everyday, the week of my cycle gives me a chance to lay off the make up. Let my skin breath. Why would you cover up acne with layers of foundation?? The bumps show anyway. That's a waste of makeup. Also makeup on acne is a total recipe for destruction of your skin. Our acne is surrounded by bacteria. You don't want to risk the chance of spreading it around your whole face. You should leave your skin to heal, clear, and breath once in a while, and that's exactly what happens to my skin during my cycle.

So next time, you're on your period, just relax and let your body do what it's supposed to do while you use that time to your advantage. Heal, relax, sleep, lose weight, and for a week, see your beautiful self underneath all that makeup and let your skin breath. Happy periods!