Women-Led Businesses Are Growing But We're Leaving Too Much Money on The Table!

I was recently doing some research on figures around female entrepreneurs and I have to be honest with you... I kept coming back to the same conclusion.

There is SO MUCH TALENT out there but very little is being tapped into.

The barriers for women starting their own businesses are common...lack of access to finance, childcare responsibilities, unwillingness to take on debt to grow the company and so on.

The problem is so women start businesses but then get caught in the weeds of working IN the business and not taking the time to work ON the business.

You may not want to run a massive company. For many, the desire is to create something of value, that fits in with the lifestyle you desire and for many of us, this is based around our children.

But what I do feel strongly about is how too many women are limiting themselves and leaving TOO MUCH MONEY on the table by shrinking their brilliance....

Here are some examples of how we do this:

*Undercharging and not valuing yourself

*Doing everything yourself (not trusting others)

*Blurred lines between work and home

*No down-time

*Never switching off (maybe not even to have a baby!)

*Answering emails at midnight just to stay on top of everything

*Replying to clients' requests even on your days off

*Constantly doubting yourself and worried you'll get 'found' out -- worried you'll be seen as a fraud or imposter

Every time you do any of these, you take more and more money off the table.

I recently worked with an amazing client who has a very successful business. But she was chronically undercharging (we sorted that out ASAP), she was taking work FROM her staff even though that's why she had hired them and she was missing out on time with her baby.

There were some serious boundary issues and we started working on these.

Almost immediately, she started bringing more money in, she made decisions not on her ability to do things but on her ability to outsource and delegate where necessary so she could still grow her business without doing the work herself.

She focused on her zone of brilliance, stopped working so much IN the business, broke from the weeds that were holding her down and started seeing the massive global potential of her work (and trust me, the potential is HUGE!)

Without losing revenue or her sanity.

This is what I love doing... helping women take the LEAP WITHIN so no more 'I'm a small business and I must do everything' to 'I have a big dream and big vision and I know what I need to do to make a big impact and the money I want'.

So what are some simple shifts you can start doing immediately?

*Get someone to read your emails and filter the important from the trivial!

*Track where you spend your time for a week and see what negative value activities you are doing that you can start to delegate/ outsource

*Stop replying to emails at midnight for fear that someone will think you're slacking if you don't!

*Switch the flipping phone off so you can stop scrolling on Facebook, comparing yourself to others and feeling crappy about yourself (and put it in another room.)

* Create a schedule for yourself where you factor in all the things you want to make time for. Self care time, time with the children, time to write your content, time to film videos, time to talk to your team, time to build your team.

Start asking yourself 'what would a woman with a big dream and a big mission do in this situation?' I can tell you one thing for sure....she wouldn't try and do it all herself!

Start seeing yourself as the leader you are and want to be.

Your business is bigger than you - your message is bigger and the impact you want to make is bigger than you.

So now's the time to start leading it like it is!

Yasmin xxx

P.S. I'm a big picture girl. This is my zone of brilliance -- helping you get clear on your big picture and show you how you can make it happen with clear and practical strategies. If you're feeling stuck in the weeds, working too much IN the business and not ON it, please contact me at support@yasminvorajee.com