The Women's Bathroom Sign You Can't Unsee (And Won't Want To)

The Women's Bathroom Sign You Can't Unsee (And Won't Want To)

The generic symbol for a woman, seen on countless bathroom signs all over the world, just got a whole new meaning.

While her male counterpart appears to be unclothed or wearing a tight unitard, the figure symbolizing the women's restroom is usually wearing a dress. Recently, a tech company called Axosoft reimagined the ladies room symbol.

The outfit choice for this much-needed reinterpretation? That's a superhero cape.

Jamie Kruger posted the above image to Twitter on April 29 at the Girls in Tech conference in Arizona. Axosoft was the main sponsor of the conference, outfitted with bathroom signs featuring two generic female symbols side by side. But this version throws the familiar shape on its head with one one wearing a cape -- decidedly not a dress.

"It was never a dress," Axosoft writes in their new campaign to empower women in technology.

"This lady, well, we've been looking at her the wrong way," Tania Katan, the Curator of Code for Axosoft, said in a recent video. "We're launching a campaign that shows you what's really on the other side. It was never a dress."

Katan with Axosoft's new female symbol at the Girls In Tech conference last week.

The campaign hopes to create important dialogue around women in tech, science and other fields where women are underrepresented. "In science, technology, arts, mathematics, politics, houses of worship, on the streets, and in our homes, insightful women are often uninvited, overlooked, or just plain dismissed," the campaign's website reads. "When we see women differently... we see the world differently!"

We'll take a cape over a dress -- or just wear a cape over a dress -- any day.

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