6 Ways To Wear A Blazer Without Being Boring

The secret to feeling "instantly polished."

Blazers are a big deal to the fashion editors here at The Huffington Post. Our closets are filled with more of these timeless jackets than we'd like to admit. Yet, that hasn't stopped us from gravitating towards sales racks brimming with blazers.

Why are we so crazy about blazers? They transcend both time and trends, look great on every body type, can instantly pull together any look, and they're perfect for layering on those summer days when the office A/C is blasting. The best news? You don't need to own several blazers like us to create multiple outfits.

Scroll down for six new ways to wear your favorite old blazers, plus shopping recommendations should your wardrobe need a makeover.

Look 1
Raydene Salinas
It all starts with basic colorblocking here. Layer on a dark blazer and statement necklaces, then slip on a pair of animal print loafers and you're good to go.
Look 2
Raydene Salinas
If you work in a creative office environment, you'll appreciate the polished aesthetic that a gray blazer and chambray shirt can add to a sequined skirt and strappy heels.
Look 3
Raydene Salinas
Not afraid of bold prints? You can go all out with the mixing and matching when your look is grounded with a blazer, black heels and red lipstick.
Look 4
Raydene Salinas
Go straight from the office to happy hour with an outfit that marries a sleek blazer, white button-down, leather leggings, envelope clutch and flat shoes.
Look 5
Raydene Salinas
Keep it comfy and chic in a basic blazer, striped sweater, boyfriend jeans and funky hi-top sneakers.
Look 6
Raydene Salinas
A serious blazer outfit can be sexy, too! You can easily achieve this look with a fitted neoprene skirt topped off with a chunky knit and tailored blazer.
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