Google Salutes International Women's Day 2011 With Special Logo, Event

Google Hosts A Women's Day Celebration

To mark the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day, Google is featuring a special logo on its home page, as well as an opportunity to join people around the world to honor women's achievements throughout history.

According to a blog post, Google and Women for Women International have coordinated a meet-up event taking place on 300 bridges in 50 countries around the word. Writes Claire Hughes Johnson, VP of Global Online Sales and Chairperson of Google Women's Professional Community,

In addition to the flagship events happening throughout the day on the Brooklyn Bridge (New York), the Millennium Bridge (London) and the Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco), women and men are gathering in places as far-flung as Kabul, Afghanistan, La Paz, Bolivia and Sydney, Australia.

You can participate in a Join Me on the Bridge gathering at a bridge in your area by checking Google's map of meetings. Notice, while exploring the map, that a "peg woman" place marker has replaced Google's Street View's usual "peg man" feature.

According to the The Washington Post, you can also make a donation to one of the organizations--listed on the events page-- devoted the empowerment, education, and health of women.

Take a look at the Google logo commemorating a century of International Women's Days and featuring multicolored illustrations of women in the fields of education and medicine. (You can view the logo all day on the Google homepage.) Then, scroll down to watch the video about today's Join Me on the Bridge campaign.


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