The Best Dr. Martens For Every Occasion, From Work To Winter

Women's Dr. Martens boots, sandals, platforms, and Chelsea boots for fall and beyond.

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The trendiest shoe for fall would hate to know it’s suddenly mainstream.

Originally designed in 1960 as a modest workwear boot, Dr. Martens have since stepped up as the footwear of musicians, non-conformists, activists and offbeat celebs. But these days, it’s almost impossible to step out without spotting a pair on the sidewalk, no matter the season or setting.

Loved for their durability, comfort and versatility, Dr. Martens have had a similar evolution to the “ugly” Birkenstock, lacing their way into mainstream fashion and finding themselves on the feet of the most unexpected people ― like Emma Watson, Orlando Bloom and Gwen Stefani — and their very different outfits. A quick scroll through the Dr. Martens Insta account offers a closet of inspiration on how to style a pair of Docs, from a bohemian midi dress to trousers and a blazer. The possibilities are endless.

Given the resurgence of ’90s trends — from slip dresses and tiny bags to square-toed shoes — it’s no surprise the footwear of choice for ’90s festival culture is returning, too. Love them or hate them, there’s no denying a pair of classic Dr. Martens will be a big fall footwear trend in 2019. Search interest for Dr. Martens during the holiday shopping season more than doubled between 2017 and 2018, and the trend seems on track to be even bigger this year.

While the classic Dr. Marten 1460 lace-up boot is probably the most popular pair, the brand has designed a slew of other styles ranging from sandals and oxfords to Dr. Martens Chelsea boots in a wide variety of colors, patterns and, most recently, vegan materials. You can find Docs in floral prints, glittering metallics and even platform Dr. Martens for a truly ’90s look.

Whether you’re looking for Dr. Martens for fall 2019 to wear in the snow, to work or even to the beach, there’s a pair for every occasion. Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite women’s styles for fall and winter.

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Below, the best women’s Dr. Martens for Fall 2019:

The Best Dr. Martens For — The Office
Dr. Martens
The Dr. Martens 1461 is a more rebellious take on an oxford-style shoe, so you can walk into the office polished but with some personality. Find them for $120 at Dr. Martens.
The Best Dr. Martens For — Snow
Dr. marten
These Dr. Martens Fur-Lined Aimilita Grizzly boots are made with a heavyweight leather and slip-resistant sole, perfect for winter. Find them for $175 at Dr. Martens.
The Best Dr. Martens For — Summer
Dr. Martens
The Dr. Martens Blaire is a gladiator-style sandal with an adjustable strap and arched footbed. Find them for $105 at Dr. Martens.
The Best Dr. Martens For — Festivals
Dr. Martens
These Dr. Martens 1460 Farrah Chunky Glitter are a festive take on the classic boot style with large flecks of glitter and enlarged, gilded eyelets. Find them for $130 at Dr. Martens.
The Best Dr. Martens For — Everyday
These Dr. Martens 2976 Chelsea boots have an elastic side panel that makes them super easy to take off and slide on. The sleek silhouette makes them appropriate for any everyday occasion. Find them for $145 at Dr. Martens.
The Best Dr. Martens For — Kids
Dr. Martens
These Youth 1460 Romario come in vibrant colors and have a zipper for kids who haven't quite mastered shoelaces yet. Find them for $80 at Dr. Martens.
The Best Dr. Martens For — Dressing Up
Dr. Martens
These Dr. Martens Kendra Arcadia have a 10-eye lace-up, thick block heel and a high-shine finish for a statement-worthy shoe. Find them for $170 at Dr. Martens.
The Best Dr. Martens For — Labor
Dr. Martens
These Dr. Marten Gunby Steel Toe shoes have a slip-resistant sole, extra insulation to protect from electric charges and a steel toe. Find them for $135 at Dr. Martens.
The Best Dr. Martens For — Beginners
Dr. Martens
The original Dr. Martens1460 8-eye lace-up boots are a classic style that can be worn with just about anything. Welcome to the club. Find them for $140 at Dr. Martens.

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