Women’s Empowerment: Forbes 30 Under 30

Empowering women to lead and play a part in driving economic growth is important to bridge the gender and minority gap that has long plagued a variety of industries, including the financial, health and technology sectors. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, women make 80 cents for every dollar men get paid. Even female doctors who make six-figure salaries are paid much less than their male colleagues, with female primary care doctors earning 16 percent less than male primary care physicians. That gap is even wider when specializing: Female specialists earned 37 percent less than male specialists in 2016. Race plays a role too, as black and Hispanic doctors earned less than white and Asian doctors.

These numbers are just one of many statistics that show the reality of a need to make a change. That's why it's more important today than ever before to offer women of color and minorities a chance to turn innovative ideas into reality. This year's Forbes 30 under 30 events provided opportunities for women of color's advancement in leadership with a chance to drive change with access to financial support from investors. It's important to have women in leadership roles. 

Here's why:

A Chance to Drive Change

The 2017 Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit brought a unique mix of impactful opportunities and experiences and an audience of innovative thought leaders, including huge investors, startup competitions, celebrity entertainment and compelling content. The event featured powerful speakers, including the Director of R&D for Jigsaw at Alphabet Inc. Yasmin Green, Chief Brand Officer of Uber Bozoma Saint John and Fidelity Management & Research Company Sector Strategist & Research Analyst Denise Chisholm. Beyond the celebrity turnout, I witnessed a chance to drive change. As a 2017 Forbes 30 under 30 nominee, I was honored to attend and participate in this impactful event. I got to see and experience innovative thought leadership seminars and luncheons and saw a vision for the future that put women of color in the boardroom, on the investor front line and making change. But this change can only be driven with adequate financial support.

A Chance to Reduce and Eliminate Inequality

The importance of women in leadership positions provides a chance to drive the economic growth and change needed to reduce and eliminate the inequality that the gender and minority gap bring. Women leaders frequently support economic growth policies that focus on empowerment. Women aim to drive meaningful results. But to reduce inequalities, support from investors are necessary. Investment outlets provide women of color with the opportunities to put their ideas in motion. These funds aim to find impactful projects to support minorities and women of color. We all know that the inventions and concepts of entrepreneurs and changemakers can't come to light without financial support. That's why organizations like the Oppenheimer Funds and Fidelity Investments are integral to putting women of color and minorities in the front seat to lead organizations and drive impactful change.

Final Thoughts

Closing the gender and minority inequality gap calls for bringing more opportunities to the forefront. By offering women of color and minorities support via funding opportunities like the ones that the Oppenheimer funds and Fidelity Investments provide, we can provide them with a chance to lead and contribute positively to economic growth and finally bring the gender and minority gap to a close.

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