Flapper Dresses For a Night On The Town (PHOTOS)

Flappers were women in the 1920s who, after World War I, showed their disdain for social mores with short hemlines, bobbed hair and a devil-may-care attitude toward sex, drinking, smoking and even driving. The fashion of the time was revolutionary -- a break from the tightly laced-up corsetry of the Victorian age, the dresses showed off their legs and, most importantly, moved when they were dancing.

Frida Giannini was feeling the jazz age when she designed her spring collection for Gucci, citing "the opulence of an era of hedonism" as her inspiration. Black and gold was the palette, and there were enough beaded frocks to keep any would-be flapper happy. The dress was everywhere this fall -- we versions of it on Hollywood beauties like Salma Hayek and Zoe Saldana. We may no longer need to sneak into a speakeasy for a good time, but there's no reason not to channel your inner Louise Brooks in a fringed dress meant for a night on the town. Herewith, seven options that don't have a Gucci price tag.

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