Reflections on the Value of Women and Girls, in Honor of Women's History Month

We have waited long enough to tell our stories; and oh what precious stories we have to share. Yet we have kept them safely and selfishly from the world. We have tucked them away in our bosoms, whispered them to our daughters, and laughed and cried as we secretly shared them with our beloved sisters and girlfriends. Some of us have been courageous enough to share our stories with our sons, and the men who have been sensitive enough to listen.

No religion, philosophy, belief system, nationalism or fraternalism is stronger than the experience of being a women and bearing a child. Creating life is God, Goddess manifested -- proof of all the questions anyone could ever have about the authenticity of the divine.

How then can we as women, send our children to die in any war, but especially wars that in our heart, we know, make no sense? Our innocent children's legacy should not be defined by our past transgressions.

How do we allow our daughters to believe they are inferior, weak, or "not enough?" Why on earth would we do that to anyone?

The stories or more accurately, the lack of stories about women, in the history of humankind, leave a gaping whole in our hearts and in our spirit. The narrative about women, historically and today, has been either absent or villainous. Unveiling our stories will not just be liberating for girls and women, it will be a gift to the world.

"...and then the day came when the risk to
remain tight in the bud was more painful than
the risk it took to blossom."
-- Anais Nin

If we ever hope to ever see a flourishing world, then we need the feminine and the masculine energy to birth it. The feminine energy has been suppressed for thousands of years, so it is important to shine a light on this divine gift. We all need to explore and understand the loving, healing and powerful attributes women and girls have to contribute to our world.

During this month dedicated to women, we the females of the world, empowered with our radiant feminine energy, have the opportunity and the platform to come out of the shadows and proudly reveal who we are and the beautiful gifts we can share with humanity. The world needs us, our children and our children's children need us. It is not only our right to tell our stories, it is our responsibility.

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