Women's Magazines: Different Publication, Same Cover? (PHOTO)

PHOTO: This Looks Familiar...

We’ve all done it before. You catch a glimpse of teasers like “15 Sex Tips That Will Blow His Mind” or “Slim Down Fast For Summer!” on the cover of a magazine and, influenced by a mix of insecurity and intrigue, you reach for it and read it cover to cover.

But despite catchy headlines, these articles usually feel uninspired and recycled. And sometimes, that sneaking suspicion is actually fact, as one Redditor recently found. This user, Urschleim_in_Silicon, compared two different women’s magazines published two years apart, and found that, slight phrasing differences aside, the covers were identical. (See below.)

What’s most offensive about this snafu, however, is not the failure of these publications to produce new content or the evident implications of plagiarism, embarrassing and concerning as those things are. This generic "Get Thin Now!" "Have Sexy Sex!" advice -- which we see over and over again in women's magazines -- encourages us to believe that our bodies and our sex lives are never good enough.

So thanks, Urschleim_in_Silicon, for reminding us just how deeply unoriginal these sort of articles are. We have much better things to do than worry about whether our bodies are "ready" for summer or whether our sex lives are "electric" enough.

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