6 Things Women's Magazines Still Want Us To Worry About

There are certain topics that seem to pop up in women's magazines over, and over, and over again. We are all painfully aware that our bodies could be "improved," our love lives could be "steamier" and that sexercise is (supposedly) a thing.

Back in June, a Reddit user posted an image showing two different magazines, two years apart, with almost identical covers. This made us wonder how many decades women's magazines have continued to push the same messages on female readers. Judging from our informal research, a whole bunch.

Here are six frustrating things that lady mags still encourage women to worry about:

1. Achieving that perfect bikini body. We are firmly in the body + bikini = bikini body camp, but magazines still aren't there yet. We'd be happy to retire the term once and for all.
bikini body

2. How to get your stomach perfectly flat. This info often goes hand-in-hand with "beach body" pieces, but getting abs of steel seems to be a year-round priority for many magazines. Why save "flatten your tummy" headlines for summer when you could make women freak out about their "bulge" every single month?
flatten belly

3. Finding a miracle diet Because every woman wants to get thin, right? Especially if it can be done without trying. Please: no more juice cleanse pieces.
miracle diet

4. Where the bachelors are. (Hint: they're in the pages of Cosmo.) We've seen a lot of great pieces come out of women's magazines over the last few years focusing on successful, independent, empowered single women. Unfortunately, the covers often seem to imply that all ladies are straight and need to lock down a hot man ASAP.

5. Having sex to get skinny. Ugh. We can think of many better reasons to have sex that have nothing to do with weight loss.

6. Being the best lover around. We sincerely hope it's not a competition.
best sex

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