Women's Names Ruined By Songs: 23 Names Changed By Music

There exists a large body of songs named after women who ruined, inspired or ignored musicians. An even larger cast of influential women resides in the lyrics of songs with names like "Freek-a-Leek." And sometimes, these women go from being anecdotes in the lives of rappers and rockstars to generation-spanning symbols of seduction, sweetness, evil and/or any combination therein.

When that happens, it's probably best to avoid naming a child after a character in such a song. Consider this: Studies have shown that poorly chosen baby names can send your adorable bundle of joy down a path riddled with self-confidence issues and addiction. The wrong name can even cause your child to be ignored by teachers or stay single ... forever.

So should you name your daughter Roxanne? It's important to remember that a good number of the songs in the gallery that follow are written by men, so their perspective is neither authoritative nor objective. Just because some rockstar had a weird thing for some woman who was or wasn't actually named Sharona doesn't necessarily mean much. What it does mean: They'll be on the receiving end of an untold number of lame jokes.

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Women's Names Ruined By Songs