Women's Open Sparks Protest as USGA Rolls Over for Trump

Even though the 2016 U.S. Women's Open now underway in California won't wrap up until late Sunday, heavy-duty protesters are already looking to the 2017 tourney.

Seems the United States Golf Association, no stranger to hypocrisy, refuses to move next year's U.S. Women's Open from the Trump-owned Bedminster club, even though the USGA issued a public statement condemning Trump's racist views after his "Mexican rapist" rant when he announced his candidacy.

Shades of the Augusta National controversy back in 2003, when the USGA ignored it's prohibition against holding events at clubs that discriminate on the basis of race or gender by standing solidly behind the Trump-like dinos holding the Master's Tournament -- even though it was clearly in violation of their own by-laws.

Golfers not being a rabble-rouser crowd, the current protest is not taking place with placards in the streets, but behind the scenes. It's being led by New York University historian Dr. Jeffrey T. Sammons, and other prominent African American golfers. Sammons, who has been trying since 2011 to get the USGA to disassociate with Trump properties, recently resigned his membership on the USGA's Museum and Library Committee and its African American Golf Archive in protest of the decision to leave the 2017 Women's Open at Bedminster.

To be clear, the protest is not over exclusionary policies at Bedminster, if there are any. It's doubtful the club officially bars women or minority men (though their membership policies are not public and my calls on the subject have not been returned). The objection is to one of the ruling bodies of golf kowtowing to Trump's overtly racist and sexist views. That shows where the USGA really stands, despite the lip-service-only condemnation a year ago.

The decision is not about golf, but about the almighty dollar. The women's tourney is not always profitable, and Trump has reportedly guaranteed that the USGA won't lose any money on it. Trump is most likely covering potential losses in order to cement the decision to hold the PGA Championship at Bedminster in 2022. To use Trump's own words: "That's like a bribe isn't it, isn't that sort of a bribe? I think it's a bribe."

Once again, the USGA puts profit over principle. And where's the LPGA? Silent as usual, even though the Donald has disparaged women regularly, calling them bimbos, dogs, fat pigs, and crazy. Nothing new here - the good girls of golf have always been afraid to cross the guys.

The protesters have started a petition to force the USGA to abandon Trump and his club for next year's Women's Open. Even if you don't give a fig for golf, give a shout-out against racism and sexism this weekend by SIGNING HERE.