'Women's Swimsuits Through History' Video Shows Just How Much Fashion Has Changed

Here's How Drastically Women's Swimsuits Have Changed Over Time

As with any clothing item, bathing suits have drastically evolved over the years. From the wool bathing suits of the 1920s (a sweating-slash-swimming hazard, we'd imagine) to the Pamela Anderson Baywatch cuts of the '90s, the bathing suit has been through quite the transformation.

It's hard to imagine now that the bikini, a swimsuit market staple, did not debut until 1946 (its apparent original home was the French Riviera). It was still common to cover up the belly button when the two-piece first hit the masses, so Taylor Swift -- a frequent belly button cover-upper -- would have been totally on trend.

Watch the video above to see how times have changed, and remember, no matter what you wear, you're always "bikini ready."

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Rudi Gernreich with two models wearing only bicycle parts, 1975

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