Women's Team Had The Best Response To Suggestion That Soccer Is ‘Male-Dominated'

Midfielder Alexandra Long and her fellow Women's World Cup champions made it clear who rules soccer.

The U.S. Women’s national soccer team had a perfect response to a young fan who asked about being an athlete in “a male-dominated sport.”

“What’s it like being a female playing in a male-dominated sport?” the young girl asked during a Tuesday segment of “Good Morning America.”

Before answering fully, a team member shouted out a small clarification: “A female-dominated sport!”

The audience responded with applause and laughter before midfielder Alexandra Long took on the question.

“We’re the best team in the world for a reason,” Long told the fan. “Yes, soccer is slowly growing in the U.S., but I truly feel that we’re dominating the sport right now. We’re giving you guys ― the youth ― a platform to dream big and hopefully get there some day. By the time you’re our age: world domination.”

When asked earlier in the segment if the players are comfortable with the term “dynasty” to describe their four World Cup championships, co-captain Megan Rapinoe said it definitely suits the U.S. team.

“If the shoe fits you’ve got to put it on,” she said. “Yea, this team fits well into that word.”

Rapinoe also commented on the equal pay controversy and the team’s push to be paid the same as the men’s national soccer team.

“I think the conversation needs to move from are we worth it, should we have equal pay to what can we do now?” Rapinoe said. “How can FIFA support the federations? How can federations support their players better? How can the league support their players better?”

The star urged everyone to support women’s soccer by watching the national team and their local club teams.

“There’s a part in this for everybody to do,” Rapinoe added. “And I think we’ve really left the old conversation behind us and now it’s time for the action.”

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